What is the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is an interactive database that helps business find the right tool to measure and value natural capital as they use the Natural Capital Protocol. A tool can be any resource, methodology or approach that is relevant to natural capital measurement and valuation.

We're joining forces with MIT's SHIFT platform, where the Toolkit's contents will soon be available.

What is natural capital?

Natural capital is the stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g. plants, animals, air, water, soils, minerals) that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people.

The Natural Capital Protocol was developed to help business understand its relationship with natural capital. It is a standardized framework to identify, measure and value impacts and dependencies on natural capital. Find out more here.

What is the purpose of the Natural Capital
Protocol toolkit?

The Natural Capital Protocol does not recommend specific tools or methodologies. Tool selection depends on business context, resources and needs. The toolkit aims to fill that gap.

The Toolkit is an interactive database of tools that help businesses implement the Natural Capital Protocol. It:

  • Is regularly updated to reflect new and updated tools as available.
  • Allows users to search and assess the tools that are applicable to them.
  • Is a comprehensive resource for businesses who are new to natural capital.
  • Allows more experienced businesses to understand their existing approaches to natural capital in the context of the Protocol framework
  • The Protocol DOES:

    Help business assess natural capital risks and opportunities.

  • The Protocol DOES NOT:

    Prescribe specific tools, approaches or methodologies to users.

  • The Tookit:

    Consolidates and maps available tools against the Protocol framework, on an interactive platform.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) developed the Toolkit, with the Natural Capital Coalition as a strategic partner. We have had critical input from a multi-disciplinary Advisory Group.